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What is your intended usage?
Home Use
Public Viewing
(i.e. hospitals, schools, libraries, doctor's offices, other institutions)

Home video vs public performance use

Pre-recorded home videocassettes or videodiscs (commonly available in retail or rental stores) are intended for personal, home use only. They generally do not carry licenses for public showings.

Viewing outside the home requires a license granting specific authorization. This is the case for each organization that uses videos—even for nonprofit groups, even if admission is not being charged, and even though the video has been purchased.

The Copyright Act of 1976 gives copyright owners almost total control of the use of their copyrighted works, including the right to perform films and videocassettes. By law, pre-recorded videocassettes and videodiscs are for home use only, unless you have permission to show them in public. Without permission, you may be in violation of the Copyright Act and subject to substantial penalties.

How to obtain a Public Performance License:

If you wish to show a film or video tape outside your home and/or charge a fee, you must have an acceptable Public Performance License. There are a number of ways to obtain these rights:

* Purchase a copy of the film or video at at the "public performance price" that comes with a Public Performance License. * If you already own a copy that you purchased at a consumer price, contact customer service for details on obtaining a license.


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